Elmia has signed a contract with FC Gruppen as a new supplier of restaurant and catering services. The agreement, effective from January 1, 2019, means that there will be more focus on local food and beverages at Elmia fairs and events.

FC Gruppen will operate all restaurants and catering within Elmias premises, and plans with the new agreement to move parts of its organization to Elmia and Rosenlund.

We operate 9 permanent restaurants, cafés and kiosks in the exhibition area, all under the same roof. In addition to these we also deliver directly to the booth and sometimes we build up temporary servings.

With our conference packages we hope to give you the perfect setting for your conference at Elmia. Food experiences are a way to fuel energy and focus on the good conversation and the good food.

Are you going to a fair at Elmia and want to order stand catering? Or do you want to know which restaurants and cafés are open during your visit?

”The food is becoming increasingly important in meetings between people and is a central part of the overall experience at Elmia. We are convinced that the FC Gruppen is the right partner to reinforce this by reflecting the region with high quality and locally produced food and drink.”

Lotta Frenssen, CEO at Elmia

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